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Iceman / 冰封俠: 重生之門 movie review  / 電影評論 (cantonese ver.) 

The Good: The change in premise gave way for something new.  Weapon fights were entertaining.  

The Bad: Puts down Hong Kong to no end.  Needless subplots. Lack exposition in key events that move the plot.  Cheap humor. Donnie Yen.


He Ying awakes to a new time.  It is the current day but the last he remembers was when he was fighting for the Ming Dynasty.  What will happen to this displaced time traveler?



Law Wing-cheung / 羅永昌

Produced by:

Stephen Shiu

Stephen Shiu Jr.

Huang Jianxin


Donnie Yen  / 甄子丹

Simon Yam / 任達華

Wang Baoqiang  / 王寶強 

Eva Huang / 黃聖依

Kang Yu / 喻亢

Lam Suet / 林雪


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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2

Deathly Episode! Can’t wait to see how they will pace episode 3.

The Iceman Cometh / 急凍奇俠 movie review  / 電影評論 (cantonese ver.) 

The Good: Awesome action pieces. Has a great charm when watching it now (2014). Great chemistry between Biao and Maggie.  

The Bad: Nothing much.  You could say it drags a bit here and there but it’s not that big of an issue.  


In 16th Century China, Ming guard Fong Sau-ching  relentlessly tracks the ruthless villain Feng San. After Feng San steals the priceless and magical Black Jade Buddha, a titanic martial arts encounter atop a cliff ensues and is only ended when the two men tumble into a glacier where they are instantly frozen. Mistakenly thawed out four hundred years later, Fong Sau-ching must continue his pursuit of his quarry although to survive in 1980s Kowloon with the confounding discovery of electricity, TV and toilets, he’s going to need a little help from femme fatale Polly!



Clarence Fok / 霍耀良

Produced by:

Raymond Chow

Johnny Mak

Stephen Siu

Distributed by: 

Tai Seng Video Marketing


Yuen Biao / 元彪 

Maggie Cheung  / 張曼玉 

Yuen Wah  / 元華


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Bruce Wayne (voiced by Kevin Conroy) and Terry McGinnis (voiced by Will Friedle) confront a very familiar foe.

I love this so so so much!!!

Ohmygosh, ditto!!!

wo wawesomeeeee

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That Demon Within / 魔警 movie review  / 電影評論 (cantonese ver.) 

The Good: Great performance from Daniel Wu.  Interesting premise.

The Bad: Last 1/4 of the film really seems to went off rails compare to the first 3/4 of the film and character motivation suffered from this a lot. 


By a strange twist of fate, dutiful Hong Kong policeman Dave Wong saves the life of the leader of a violent gang of armed robbers. When they commit another crime, Dave is determined to put an end to their activities. But as Dave is getting deeper and deeper, he discovers something about himself, something that he may not want others to know about him, the Demon within.



Dante Lam / 林超賢

Produced by:

Candy Leung

Albert Lee

Ren Yue

Distributed by: 

Emperor Motion Pictures


Daniel Wu / 吳彥祖

Nick Cheung / 張家輝

Christie Chen 

Andy On / 安志傑

Liu Kai-chi / 廖啟智

Dominic Lam / 林嘉華 


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Up in the Wind / 等風來 movie review / 電影評論 (cantonese ver.) 

The Good: Interesting premise and nice cinematography.  

The Bad: Last act goes off course and doesn’t relate much to the rest of the film. Sold as a love story but it’s more of a finding yourself and discovering yourself story.  Though the friendship vein isn’t used that extensively either.  


An aspiring Shanghai-based lifestyle magazine writer trying to lift herself beyond her small-town roots and modest is sent to Nepal to write a piece but life takes a turn as she meets someone totally different to her lifestyle and shows her another side of life where she might find herself again.



Teng Huatao / 滕華濤


Ni Ni / 倪妮

Jing Boran / 井柏然


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The Grand Budapest Hotel movie review

The Good: Cinematography, dialogue and atmosphere were just fun. 

The Bad: Bog down by too many sub-plots. Story could have been more simple.


 The adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend.



Wes Anderson

Produced by:

Wes Anderson

Jeremy Dawson

Steven M. Rales

Scott Rudin

Distributed by: 

Fox Searchlight Pictures


Ralph Fiennes 

Tony Revolori

Adrien Brody 

Willem Dafoe 

Jeff Goldblum 

Saoirse Ronan 

Edward Norton 

F. Murray Abraham 

Mathieu Amalric 

Jude Law 

Harvey Keitel 

Bill Murray 

Léa Seydoux 

Jason Schwartzman 

Tilda Swinton 

Tom Wilkinson

Owen Wilson 

Bob Balaban 


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Unboxing: Swings #1 Mixtape Volume 2

Volume 2 Mixtape that came out Mar 2013

Track List:

(CD 1) 

01. No Mercy ( prod. by Crybaby ) 

02. 못 이겨 feat. GRAY ( prod. by GRAY ) 

03. The King is back II ( prod. by MRDN/ORGN ) 

04. My Way feat. Lovey ( prod. by G-Slow ) 

05. Confessions feat. Elo ( prod. by Hoodie Boi) 

06. 야 그냥 해 feat. Deepflow ( prod. by JA ) 

07. 자신감 과다증 ( prod. by JA ) 

08. 갑 ( prod. by 노창 ) 

09. 답답해 ( prod. by TK ) 

10. 28살 쯤에 ( prod. by 노창 ) 

11. 내 몸이 불 타 오르고 있어 19세 버전 ( prod. by GIRIBOY ) 

12. 김윤석 ( prod. by 노창 ) 

(CD 2) 

01. Fly Back ( prod. by The Quiett ) 

02. Still not Over feat. Black Nut, 노창 ( prod. by 노창 ) 

03. Love Yourself ( prod. by JA ) 

04. 듣고 있어? ( prod. by GRAY & G-Slow ) 

05. 2 Cool 4 School ( prod. by 노창 ) 

06. 양아치 feat. Black Nut, GIRIBOY ( prod. by TK ) 

07. 국초세대 ( prod. by JA ) 

08. 엄지 두 개 feat. Lovey, Brother Su ( prod. by JA ) 

09. 정복 ( prod. by 노창 ) 

10. Hard to Understand feat. 노창 ( prod. by 노창 ) 

11. Let me be me ( prod. by 노창 ) 

12. 찢어 feat. Black Nut ( prod. by 노창 ) 

Background music:

02. 못 이겨 feat. GRAY ( prod. by GRAY )

01. No Mercy ( prod. by Crybaby ) 

YesAsia Link:


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The Midnight After / 那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅van movie review  / 電影評論 (cantonese ver.) 

The Good: Great premise and nice cinematography. Vibe and atmosphere was also nice as it was really spooky to be in areas that they actually filmed in. 

The Bad: Not a black comedy.  Character motivation at times were really weak. Some plot points dragged and pull away from premise too much. 


Imagine that the entire population of the planet has vanished, except for you and 16 other people. Do the moral principles and religious beliefs we live by still apply? If civilization has collapsed, how do we survive? How far would you be willing to go to get life back to normal?



Fruit Chan / 陳果

Produced by:

Amy Chin

Distributed by: 

Golden Scene


Simon Yam /任達華

Wong You-nam / 黃又南

Janice Man / 文詠珊

Kara Hui / 惠英紅 

Lam Suet / 林 雪 

Chui Tien-you / 徐天佑 

Sam Lee / 李璨琛

Cheuk Wan-chi / 卓韻芝 

Jiro / 李尚正

Jan Curious


Kelvin Chan / 陳健朗

Cherry Ngan / 顏卓靈



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